Pallet Management Outsourcing

Please share with us your problems such as “pallets are lost” or “no idea how to manage pallets.”
As a professional in the pallet business, upr aggregates the flow of pallet distribution, including places like plants and distribution centers, covering such logistics systems as consistent palletization and pallet pool system.
We offer you the best solutions of pallet management and reduce labor.

Our features

The value of Pallet management Outsourcing

We combine and offer our know-how for cost reduction. We make possible the effective use of overall logistics materials.
We improve management by reducing the outflow of equipment and other issues, through the full use of the anything-tracking system"Nantsui". We try to reduce costs and improve management accuracy.
Our wide range of products makes possible the reduction and stabilization of costs related to unstable material procurement.
Outsourcing of management and operations leads to more effective use of internal human resources who are now involved in the management of logistics material.

Flow of Outsourcing of Pallet Management

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