Guidance for Rental

You can rent upr pallets in six easy steps.
We offer guidance for reducing costs.

STEP1 : Consultaion
First, contact our sales department.
We can propose the rental system that is best for you.
STEP2 : Cost estimate
The cost depends on the type of rental item, rental quantity, and period.
Period : minimum 10 days (You can rent for a shorter period, but a 10-day fee will be charged.)
Rental fee : For pallets or logistics equipment rentals, we calculate as follows: (length of rental period) x (quantity) x (daily rental fee)
STEP3 : Order
Please confirm the details of your rental order: rental item name, quantity, period, fee, depot to receive the items, and the date
STEP4 : Receiving
Pick up rental items at a nearby depot (Please contact us for availability 2-3 days in advance.)
STEP5 : Return
Please return the items to a nearby depot.
STEP6 : Payment
Payment policy:
All invoices received by the end of the month must be paid in full through a bank transfer by the end of the following month. If you wish to make other payment arrangements, please contact us.


Customers are responsible for paying for any damages that may cause problems during future use. If equipment is lost, customers must pay the full market value of the item.

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