What's Carsharing system "Carcherry"

"Cacherry" is Carsharing system developed under cooperation with Tokyo university. It is a total system where several admitted members share vehicles (equipped with a “Carcherry” in-vehicle equipment) and enjoy the convenience of a vehicle at a lower cost. It is a just brand new featuring of circulation system that makes full use of the asset “vehicle”, saving labor and upkeep cost, while CO2 emissions are reduced. In particular, our system is so convenient because members can reserve and even lock and/or unlock vehicle’s door by using their own mobile phones and/or IC card.

About Carcherry




Our Features

Vehicles can be reserved from a mobile phone or personal computer.
Our In-vehicle equipment is adaptable for all domestic cars and some imported cars.
Billing program is well made, so it is applicable to various price list.
Positional and mileage information of a vehicle can be acquired.

Ecological Activities

challenge 25

For further information of challenge 25, please visit http://www.challenge25.go.jp/index.html

If you are interested...

in planning to start a carsharing business.cats4

upr is providing -the Application service combining the uniquely developed in-vehicle equipment for carsharing and the reserve system.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in our carsharing service.

in joining a member of "Carcherry".

upr also operates the carsharing service.
Please feel free contact us if you want to become a member of Carcherry.

You can use the our sharing vehicle for a minimum 30 minutes just like your own car.
You don’t have to fill up the Gas, like when you use a rental car service.
You don’t need to pay for gas and maintenance fee as needed when you own a car.

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