Message from President


UPR is contributing to society through its business.

Our company was founded in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture as a wooden pallet manufacturer. Since that time, we have striven to develop our business with the mindset of “making peoples’ lives more convenient through pallets.”

In modern society, environmental problems are a high-priority issue, and since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, that trend has been becoming even stronger. As one part of that, the flow “from ownership to utilization” has become prominent, with what’s known in many spheres as “sharing” becoming widespread.

Currently, our company’s core business is logistics equipment rental, focusing especially on pallets. We have established ten sales offices in Japan and pallet delivery points all across the nation, putting in place the structure for consistent palletization. Furthermore, in September 2011, we established a local subsidiary in Singapore, entering the pallet rental business in Asia, and we established our local subsidiary in Thailand in September 2014. We plan to open another local subsidiary in Malaysia in 2015, and we predict we will set up a returnable pallet system in Asia at a high rate of expansion.

Moreover, as society moves from a lifestyle where tangible goods are valued to one where services become more important, our company is responding by expanding into new business areas, including location tracking systems, M2M technology, car sharing, and other businesses related to IT. Going forward, we plan to continue developing new solutions.

Our corporate message is “Let’s get moving! UPR.” We aim to keep striving to be a universal enterprise that takes on challenges in all regions, while maintaining the corporate philosophy of “being a company that respects the earth and its people.” We will continue to devote ourselves to being the company that our customers need.

September 2015

Yoshiya Sakata, President
UPR Corporation